How To: The Easiest Smoky Eye, Ever!


As you can see this is the most easiest way to do smoky eyes and all you need is a black make-up pencil. So here is your simple steps to get you there. Draw 2 lines parallel to each other. 1 in the corner of the eyelid and 1 just ...

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Mixture of Purple and White Lips Tutorial


Very retro lip design, no effort at all to get the lips glowing and stealing all of the attention. You will need Moisturizer, White and Purple lip stick. A white pencil of course a small brush Apply the moisturizer to the lips and let it dry. Apply the white lip ...

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Lip Contouring Techniques for Fuller Lips

large (8) - Copy

Here is a very quick and simple way to shape and fuller your lips. Take your time and use the diagram as guided: Begin by applying moisturizer over your lips and then using a brown lip pencil contour your lips based on your natural lip line. Fill them in a ...

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How to Apply Eyeliner-Tutorial

qv6DND3 - Copy

Here is a great trick to do with the eyeliner. So in these simple steps you can see how good and artistic eyeliner can be. Place a thick line in the corner of the eye. Then careful draw a line from the top of your previous line and finish the line just ...

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ponytail - Copy

We all like a exciting ponytail because the ponytail can be a bit boring. You will only need 2 hair brushes; thin brush comb to tease the air and a finishing brush to give it the tight and smooth end. Use the picture as a guide. Instructions: Begin by tweezing ...

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Black and White Tutorial


Wavy, great mixture of two simple colors and you will be done in no time. So after you have finished apply a basic eye-makeup, with a thin brush and black liquid don’t forget a white pencil. With the brush and black apply a line just outside the eye towards your ...

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Sock Bun Tutorial


Late start to the day, here is quick simple stylish bun that is going to give you that boost back. With a  foam bun doughnut, add a few bobby pins to secure the bun and 2 hair ties. 1. Start with a pony tail and then place the hair through ...

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Rose Bun Tutorial


Very charming hairstyle is worth its time. In a few simple steps, pin’s (any hair clips to hold each layer will do aswell) and hair spray. When you are ready. 1. Place hair in a pony tail, grab 2-3 cm width of hair and pull to the side as displayed in diagram ...

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