How to Shoot Dreamy Photos Using This Trick


Photographing someone or somewhere kinda boring or plain? Want to punch it up with some cool vintagey or light leak lens effects without sacrificing quality of the over all image or using photoshop? Then try this: Take two plastic sandwich baggies, color one with a marker some bright color like ...

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Melting Candy Tutorial


Adventurers and exciting way for your nails to grab all of the attention . melting candy is so simple to do, you will be teaching everyone you know. You only need Pink, White and Blue Fellow the diagram and these simple instructions. 1. Apply base coat. Let it dry. This is so ...

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Bright Pink Ombre Lipstick Tutorial

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In a few simple steps your pink will be the stand out of the night or day. You need a white pencil, pink, a thin brush and these few simple steps: Apply the foundation and powder to your lips and let it settle. Cover you lips with your pink color ...

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How to Curl Your Hair in 5 Minutes


What a great and exciting way to curl your hair. It is very ideal for those mornings when your running late or just running late in general. You will need your hair curler and this one tip on how to do it. Only one step is needed: Make sure you start ...

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Black and Gold Glitter Ombre Nail Tutorial

nicolemillersteps-600x839 - Copy

Two nail polishes and your half way there. I don’t need to explain how creative or fabulous it looks the picture explains it very well. You will need; Black glitter polish, Champagne Polish and some makeup sponge. With these steps you will get there in no time. First apply the ...

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How To Apply Eyeliner Like a PRO!


Something to spice up the eyes if they are looking a bit dull. Pretty simple technique, you only need some black eye liner, thin brush and something straight to use as a guide ( End of a brush, small ruler or anything you can find). So after you have done your ...

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Blue Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

14951 - Copy

What a very glamours look and in this few easy steps you can try it. What you need; Eye Primer Black Eye Shadow Blue Eye Shadow Eyeliner Mascara Here are the steps; Apply the eye primer all over the top eyelid and let dry Now after the primer has dried ...

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How to Apply Dark Lipsticks (Tutorial)

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Here is a little trick that can really make those lips look more dangerous and mysterious. You will need some foundation, purple lip pencil and of course some red lip stick. Here are the simple steps to get you there; Apply the foundation around the whole mouth but make sure ...

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