Highlighting and Contouring Guide for your Face Shape


As you will see in the portrayal below that it has different shapes of faces, so its very important for you to choose the right one for face. You have a choose between: OVAL, RECTANGULAR, ROUND, HEART-SHAPED, OBLONG, DIAMOND-SHAPED and TRIANGULAR. As you can see it shape has its own unique look ...

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Pink/Purple Smokey Eye Tutorial


Very messy look but does it not look fabulous and really have that retro look to it. You will need some soft tape, white pencil, primer, pink, silver and of course black. Also a few brushes. (Be-careful with the scissors) cut a few strips and keep aside. Firstly you will ...

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Quick Clean Hair brush


Tired of cleaning your hair brush because it does involve a lot of time and patience well here is a reliable, easy way to fix your brush and all you will need is scissors, a pencil or even the scissors. Here we go: Step 1. With the brush on a ...

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Support The Cord


This idea is very creative and great way to support the cord going to the GPS, mobile phone or tablet you are charging in the car. Time affect and only need 2 items to complete. Need a pencil, place the cord on a flat surface, being to wrap the cord around ...

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How To Dye Your Eyebrows at Home


Have you been looking at your eyebrows lately and think they just look dull and keeping the attention away from your eyes. Well here is the answer to your problem. Keep to your own method of filling in the eye brows and then use a white eyeliner to draw a ...

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Kim Kardashian Makeup Tutorial

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Some like her, some follow her everyday life and other’s, well we just like some things of her, such as the way she does her makeup. Kim Kardashian makeup is unique and that’s why we got this beautiful tutorial that shall help you create it all by yourself. Instructions: Begin ...

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Find The Cord Tutorial


Hate pulling out every cord on those power boards just to find the one that is connected to the laptop. Well hear is a brilliant idea to solve that problem and all you need is double side stick labels or washi tape, don’t forget a dark colored maker and in a few ...

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Smokey Dark and Light Blue Tutorial


Blue is such a wonderful color to use for a smokey texture. It leaves the eyes with a mysterious and charming flow. Few items are needed for this design. Foundation,dark blue, light blue, black, 5×5 piece of paper and let the fun being. 1. Apply the foundation to the eyelid. ...

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Light Smokey Eye Tutorial


Amazing results, easy to do and you only need two colors to complete this charming smokey texture. The things you will need is a thin brush, black, silver and your half way there. 1.After you have completed your eye and face retinue, apply a black line with the thin brush ...

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