Heart French Manicure Wedding Stiletto


Quick,simple and only a few things are needed for a fabulous nail design. You will need  a clear nail base, white nail polish, chrome round bead and a few white breads as well. Lets began Lay down a base coat onto all the nails and let it dry.  Draw a ...

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Cartoon Roses Stiletto Nail Art -Step by Step


Very creative piece this one is, the roses and the jewelry go very well together. You will only need duct tape, Fountain pen, green nail polish, purple nail polish and white. It doesn’t really matter what type of objects you stick onto the bottom of the nails. Place the duct ...

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Vintage Roses Nude Nail Art tutorial

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Very seasonal nail design that goes well for those easy day or night sessions and you only need a few materials to complete this tutorial. nail glue, natural color,red nail polish, duct tape,beads and some glitter. This diagram is very easy to fellow. Have fun.  

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The Eiffel Tower On The Nails


Very retro nail design that is very creative, so simple and only needs two colors. Those colors are black and white. White being the background, lets start with cover the all the nails in white and letting it dry. 2. I recommend to use a thin brush, apply three dots one ...

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The Fan Bun


A very lay back hairstyle that you can vary to your liking. You can make it neat and polished or messy , cute and you can put it up high on the head to make it stand out more or lower for a more discrete look. 1. Put all the hair ...

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Blue Cat Eye Tutorial


Attractive eye piece that will really boost you character up and make your eyes the main attraction. You will four colors: Blue White Sliver Medium and small size brush Mascara to finish it off Here are the easy steps and picture to fellow. Go with the blue first ; Apply from ...

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Easy Tape and Rhinestone Nail Design Tutorial


Two colors, thin tape and a few easy steps. You will be ready and surprised with the end result. You will need a light pink, white nail polish and a thin brush. Don’t forget the beads or anything small in a circle shape. Place the tape in the middle of ...

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Heart Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial


Very simple, cute nail design to do as this need some light paper, scissors (remember be-careful when using scissors), pink nail polish and some little round beads. First cut you tape or paper into three separate strips, trim the top of each strip into a half circle and then cut ...

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Daily Makeup Look Tutorial


Absolutely gorgeous charming eye makeup. It has the dark texture with a very glowing background, the eyeliner and mascara really give it a outstanding look. So all you need is some brushes, black eyeliner and mascara, black shadow color that make it look even more special. Take your time and ...

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Easy Foil Nail Polish Tutorial


Who would believe you if you told them how much you can do with foil for your nails. It doesn’t matter what color you use because the whole purposes of the foil is to give it a very messy and wavy look. Please be careful with the scissors. So cut ...

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