Holiday, Party Makeup Tutorial in Only 8 Steps


What an incredible mix of different styles of colors, the eyes look so mystery and there is only eight simple steps. you will also require a few things to get you there: Eye primer White Black eyeliner Dark blue Natural color Light purple Use small touch up brushes for a ...

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How to Make a Glamorous Hair Bun

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This bun has everything you want, simple, easy, charm and few twists. You will love how the bun just seems to blend with the hair and wave. Have a look over the diagram and you are already half way there. Directions: Start by brushing your hair and then divide your ...

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2 Colors Impressive Artwork


You only need a bronze color and black to complete this impressive artwork which will take you no time to do. Also a thin brush will make the difference with the affect of the bronze. 1. Apply the black to the hole of the nail and let dry. 2. Apply ...

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This great to spice up any eye makeup that you have done, great to add a bit extra to the eyes for that big event or going out. All you need is a thin brush and black eye line. After you have applied your makeup and let it settle. Apply ...

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Stylish DIY Headband Hairstyle Tutorial


You can use any type of Headband for this style, hair ties and a thick brush. Oh and these few steps,diagram and keep in mind that it Doesn’t matter what side you want to apply the plate it is up to you. With the brush you hair back like you are ...

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Elegant Half-up Hairstyle Tutorial


A very easy to do your self hairstyle for all major events, you only need a few simple things and will amazed on how simple this is to do. You will only need some bobby pins, hairspray and a fine tooth comb. Grab the hairspray, from the middle of the ...

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Easy DIY Heart Nail Design Tutorial


Very heart warmer design, it will bring out or test your artistic side. In the first picture you can see it’s a base coat and a cute little heart, so make sure that you do the heart careful and take your time applying the dots. The second picture will bring ...

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S-Braid Hairstyle Step by Step

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To make this curved or s-braid hairstyle first you have to part the hair from front. Then starting from one side make a thin braid and as you reach almost to the ear length start taking tresses with gaps from the other side and complete a curve. Then take tresses ...

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Black Lace Nail Art Tutorial


If you have some spare lace material around place well here is a great i dead for you. It is a very retro style blended in with a bit of darkness. You will need some scissors, clear polish, base polish and theses tips: Please be-careful with the scissors firstly cut ...

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