Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub Remedy


Lip scrubs are a must for everyone that wants smooth and soft lips throughout the year, even on those tough days when your lips get chopped from the cold winter. Below we will show you how to create your own sugar lip scrub at the comfort of your home without ...

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Zigzag Grey Ombre Nail Tutorial


The zigzag nail design displayed below looks too comlicated for you to do? well, don’t leave yet…I will show you all the steps for you to follow as well as the supplies you need: a piece of sponge, white nail polish and three to four shades of grey nail polishes. ...

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Twist Side Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial


A very simple twisted side ponytail, that has a lot of charm and you can add a nice hair clip, flowers, accessory or anything else you like. What makes this hair design so awesome and fun to do is it’s simplicity and unique look. You will need a hair tie ...

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Rose Bun Hairstyle Tutorial


The rose bun is a very elegant looking bun, it has the same technique as your simple bun. You will need a roll object to place hair over and to fan out the bun. You will also need a hair tie, few hair clips and these easy to fellow instructions: ...

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How to Fill in Your Eyebrows : Tutorial


Perfectly shaped eyebrows don’t just happen, no matter how much you try to look after them (trim, clean, cut ect) it just need a touch of brow pencil. Today we will show you a great tutorial that is going to teach you all the steps on how to fill your ...

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Perfect Looking Brows in 3 Steps


Natural perfect looking brows are not easy to make but by following only three steps, we will show you how to achieve this look. -First of all, you need to fill in your eyebrows and you can do that by using brow shadow filler and a thin brush. -Using a ...

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Smokey Black Eye Tutorial


Entertainment and Style is what is written all over this eye design, it is so simple to archive and all you need is Black. Of course black is a simple color but can make any outfit beautiful and used for any big event. You will need Foundation, black pencil, black ...

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How to: Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial


Get your blue eyeshadow perfectly applied by following these easy tricks! Steps: Begin by applying primer over your eyelid and then using a light blue pencil, paint your eyelid throughout. Once done, apply dark blue eyeshadowbut make sure not to go too close to the inner corner of your eye. ...

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Beautiful Blue Eyeshadow Tutorial


Blue eyeshadow is one of the most eye catching looks for all different occasions but not that easy to apply it perfectly. Instructions: Begin by applying primer over your eyelid and then add some light blue eyeshadow on your cut crease. Apply some intense greenish eyeshadow on top of the ...

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