Daily Eyeliner Makeup Tutorial


Get this light daily look for work, school or whenever you are in  rush and don’t have time to create something bolder. It takes a few times to create and all you need is some nude eyeshadows, nude pencil, mascara and black liquid eyeliner. Follow the steps below: 1-Apply nude ...

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Side Bridal Hairstyle Tutorial


  This is the perfect hairstyle for your wedding day, prom, birthday or whatever event you might attend in which you want to look your best. The six steps below are going to help create this design at the comfort of your home. Instructions:  Begin by brushing your hair and ...

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Green Summer Makeup Inspirational Tutorial


Instructions: Begin by applying primer over your eyelid and then using a brown pencil paint a line on your cut crease such as indicated on the first picture. Add some dark grey eyeshadow on top of the brown line and continue blending the colours together. Get a white pencil and ...

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Glamorous Pink and White Nail Tutorial


1-File your nails gently and then paint kind of a curly shape such as shown in the second picture. You can do that using white nail polish and a thin brush. 2- Paint the tip of your nail in bright pink. The line doesn’t have to be perfect as we ...

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Silver Double Winged Smoky Makeup Tutorial


1-Apply primer over your eyelid and then add some dark nude eyeshadow throughout the eyelid. 2- Using a thick big sized brush, apply silver (shimmery) eyeshadow right on the mid of your eyelid 3-With a new brush, apply dark brown (so dark you can use black as well) at the ...

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3 Steps Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

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Get the sweetness of watermelon on your nails by following this 3-piece picture that is going to help you create the perfect colourful look; you will need: white/beige, dark green, pink and black nail polishes as well as a thin brush and a piece of sponge. Instructions: In a piece ...

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Gold and Black Chevrons Nail Tutorial


Pain your nails using black nail polish (let dry for at least 20 minutes) and then place three stripes of tape creating a three base triangle such as shown on the second picture. Now apply golden nail polish on top of the stripes and let try for a few minutes ...

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Unique Heart Nail Design Tutorial


Get your nails painted with this fabulous heart nail design that is going to blow your mind once you have finished painting it. Note that you can use your own favourite nail polish colours or follow the design using the exact colours we used. Steps: Paint your nails using pink ...

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Floral French Nail Art Tutorial


Get the latest floral french nail design on your nails by following these awesome steps shown in the picture below. Instructions: Begin by preparing and cleaning your nail; for a better result we would recommend long nials but even with medium nail length you can work around and create a ...

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