Learn The Sign Language Alphabet


Sign language consist on a body language, mainly using the hands. It is the language of the ones with impaired hearing, therefore you will find it to be very popular among the these people but that’s not the only reason why you should learn the sign language. If you are ...

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Easy Egg Freshness Test


Finding fresh eggs on the markets is becoming harder and harder! Just the other day I bought eggs and although there are more than 10+ choices of brands, free-range, caged ect egg types I always try to go for fresh ones but is impossible to know until you have gone ...

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Waterfall Ponytail Hairstyle Tutorial


When it come to ponytails we all know that they are the day-to-day hairstyle for casual look but you can create a new elegant ponytail hairstyles that are going to make you look stylish and the best thing of all, you can learn how to do them all by yourself; ...

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The Unspoken Restaurant Language


Eating out on restaurants is something we all do (either often or only for special occasions) but there are many rules that you probably don’t know. When it comes to the plate, forks and knifes we usually don’t pay much attention to where we leave them after we have finished ...

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What Color Eyes will your Children Have?


The desire to know how your future kids will look like may make you think if there’s a way to know how his/her hair, face, eyes will look like! And although we can’t predict many things, there is one thing we know, genetics is a great way to expand your ...

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How to: Rainbow Eyebrows


First thing first, rainbow eyebrows are not for everybody and we know that! But for artists and colour lovers this can be a great way to show their unique personalities and if you feel like you can wear this, why not, try it out! It is easy to follow and ...

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Blue Shimmer Makeup Tutorial


If you looking for a bright, shimmery party makeup then look no further because we have got you covered! For this makeup you will need a few shades of blue (light to dark) , purple pastel and white shimmery eyeshadows. Begin with a primed eyelid and then apply medium/dark blue ...

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Golden Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial


1-Apply primer over the eyelid and then using a thin brush and black eyeshadow (or simply use a black pencil) apply a thin line on your cut crease 2-Thicken the line using a brush and adding some more black eyeshadow in the process 3-Apply peach or brown eyeshadow over the ...

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