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Nails Tutorials

Heart Rhinestone Nail Art Tutorial


Very simple, cute nail design to do as this need some light paper, scissors (remember be-careful when using scissors), pink nail polish and some little round beads. First cut you tape or paper into three separate strips, trim the top of each strip into a half circle and then cut ...

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Easy Foil Nail Polish Tutorial


Who would believe you if you told them how much you can do with foil for your nails. It doesn’t matter what color you use because the whole purposes of the foil is to give it a very messy and wavy look. Please be careful with the scissors. So cut ...

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Melting Candy Tutorial


Adventurers and exciting way for your nails to grab all of the attention . melting candy is so simple to do, you will be teaching everyone you know. You only need Pink, White and Blue Fellow the diagram and these simple instructions. 1. Apply base coat. Let it dry. This is so ...

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Black and Gold Glitter Ombre Nail Tutorial

nicolemillersteps-600x839 - Copy

Two nail polishes and your half way there. I don’t need to explain how creative or fabulous it looks the picture explains it very well. You will need; Black glitter polish, Champagne Polish and some makeup sponge. With these steps you will get there in no time. First apply the ...

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