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Top 10 Easy Nail Designs Tutorial


In this picture infographic we will show you top 10 easy nail steps that are going to help you create them without much hazard. The first one is the strawberry nail design; all you need is red, green and white nail polishes as well as thin brushes and dotting tool. ...

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Ice Cream Nail Polish Tutorial


It’s ice cream season here in Australia and having a sweet tooth makes me the number one fan of ice cream, especially the pistachio one lol but enough of ice cream talk because what this tutorial is about, is the ice cream nail design which makes this tutorial look fan ...

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Creative Blue and Gold Nail Tutorial


We all love a stylish nail design to pamper ourselves once in awhile and this gorgeous tutorial is going to show you a few easy steps on how to create it without much effort. Follow the steps below: -Begin by applying a light golden shaded nail polish over your nail ...

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Red and Gold Bow Festive Nails Tutorial


This festive nail design is perfect for the holidays ahead; it looks stylish and you can create it without much effort at the effort of your home! -Apply clear glitter nail polish over your nails and let them dry -Paint diagonally the corner of the nail using red nail polish ...

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4 Steps Daisy Flower Nail Design


Today we will show you four easy steps for you to paint the daisy flower on your nails without much effort. 1-Get a piece of foil and add a few drops of white nail polishes first 2-Using a thin brush, apply some petals in a circular motions such as shown ...

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Neon Ombre Nails Tutorial


This awesome neon colours are the perfect look for your nails not only for summer but all year round. To re-create the exact same design you will need : blue, pink and purple. Also a nail spong is required and just a standard white nail polish. Apply the white to all ...

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The Monique Manicure Tutorial


1-Paint your nails using white nail polish. If the nail polish is not thick enough, go for a second coat once the first one has dried. 2-For this nail design you will need thin tape stripes, therefore make sure you got some pieces close to your reach 3-Place the first ...

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Color-Block Chevron Nail Tutorial


Color black nails are easy to create and they look quite awesome! Below we will show you how to create this soft pastel design 1-Begin with a clean well-shaped nail and then paint half of the nail vertically using mint nail polish 2-Let it dry completely and then paint the ...

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Snowflake Nail Art Tutorial


Get your nails stylish with this awesome snowflake nail design that can be perfect not only in the winter but all year round because of the soft colours that are being used. Follow the steps: Begin by painting your nails using white nail polish (this will be the base over ...

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How to: Birthday Cake Nails


Excited for your birthday or your family/friends birthday? well, we want you to go go the extra mile and try out this amazing birthday cake nail design that is easy to create and all you need is some spare time! Note that you can use any nail polish colours that ...

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