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Lipstick Tutorial

Lipstick Trick: Make Your Lips Look Fuller

How To Make Your Lips Bigger In 5 Minutes

Fuller and bigger lips are a dream for every woman but unfortunately not all of us are blessed with such feature. Below we will show you this easy tutorial that gives you the illusion of  bigger and fuller lips in a matter of minutes. Follow the instructions: Begin by exfoliating ...

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Pop Art Comic Lip Makeup Tutorial


This artistic comic lipstick is absolutely gorgeous, interesting and very unique. It can be perfect for photoshoots, artistic events and of course Halloween! Follow the instructions below: Begin by applying red lipstick over your lips as you would normally do. With a thin black pen outline your lips gently and ...

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How to Apply Red Lipstick for Dark Skin

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Red lipstick is one of the most sensual colours ever but finding the right shade for your skin tone is another matter. In the tutorial below we will focus on dark skin and red lipstick together. Applying it perfectly means creating an ombre dark effect that will make your lips ...

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Razzberry Lipstick Tutorial

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Get the latest lipstick colour trend on your lips but this time add a touch of ombre style for a more natural look. Instructions: Begin by moisturizing your lips gently and then get a razzberry lipstick and paint an ‘X’ on your upper lips in order for you to highlight ...

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Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub Remedy


Lip scrubs are a must for everyone that wants smooth and soft lips throughout the year, even on those tough days when your lips get chopped from the cold winter. Below we will show you how to create your own sugar lip scrub at the comfort of your home without ...

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Purple Ombre Lipstick Tutorial

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Purple lipsticks are a fabulous way of making your face shine of beauty on whatever occasion and today’s tutorial is all about turning the purple ordinary lipstick into fabulous professional looking lips. Directions: Start by outlining your lips using a dark purple pencil and then once you finished with that, ...

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How to: Fuller Looking Natural Lips


Do you want your lips to look fuller without applying a lot of intense lipstick colors? is that even possible? Actually it is. With the right tricks and tips you can make your lips look naturally fuller and bigger. What you will need: beige lip pencil, lip brush, beige/natural lipstick ...

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How to Apply Red Lipstick

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Red lipstick is the symbol of strength, and it takes a daring woman to wear it without feeling in doubt. Although red lipstick is a very attractive color for special events, many of us try to go for a simpler color, just because we don’t know how to make it ...

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How to Contour Your Lips

source:  blog.lulus.com

Lips contouring is a trick that can transform your lips by making them look fuller and bigger. In only few steps you will have the lips that you’ve always desired. Start by moisturizing your lips to make them easier to apply lipstick on, as well as making them look smooth ...

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