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Lipstick Tutorial

Purple Ombre Lipstick Tutorial


1-Apply  foundation over your lips and then settle it using dust powder and a big brush 2- Outline your lips with a dark purple lip pencil and then thicken the line such as shown below; get a lip brush and blend the lip pencil while apply a lighter shade of ...

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7 Steps to a Professional Lipstick Application


1- Apply lip balm for a smooth looking lipstick and then using a tissue, dry up the lips a little bit so it’s easier to apply lip pencil 2-Apply nude lip pencil throughout your lips; this work as a barrier to prevent the lipstick from smudging 3- Pink lipstick throughout ...

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Pink Ombre Lipstick Tutorial


Ombre lips are the newest and trendiest way to making your lips look stylish and fuller; and pink is the best colour for your lips because it matches for all occasions and skin tones. Follow the steps: 1-Apply moisturiser over your lips and then apply intense pink lip line; try ...

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Fancy Lips For a Wild Party-Tutorial


This awesome sparkly lipstick style is perfect for parties; it might look difficult to pull it through but it is not that difficult! Follow the steps: 1-Apply primer over your lips 2-Now outline using a white pencil; make sure the white pencil is thick enough to be visible as shown on ...

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Red Sparkly Golden Lipstick Tutorial


1-Exfoliate your lips for a smooth looking result 2-Using a red lip pencil, outline your lips gently and then re-apply the line by making it bold (we recommend you use dark red rather than a light strong colour one) 3- Apply red lipstick throughout the lips and then blend with ...

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Nude and Gold Artistic Lipstick Tutorial


This is not your everyday lipstick look but can be a great choice for nights out with friends, birthdays, party’s ect. Follow the steps: Begin by applying nude lipstick over your eyelids. Blend the lipstick using a lip brush and then apply golden eyeshadow on the lower lip using a ...

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How to Make Your Lips Look Voluminous


Applying lipstick is not hard but applying it like a pro to make your lips look voluminous requires some awesome skills and below we will show you how to do that. -Begin by applying lip balm over your lips – Add some highlighter in a dotting style across your upper ...

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Ombre Lipstick Tutorial in 4 Steps


Learn how to apply ombre lipstick like a pro by following only a few easy steps. Every time I look at makeup pictures on the web it makes me think how do these girls do it? I mean their makeup is perfectly applied and it looks like is done by ...

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